Wednesday, March 18, 2009


ders no glitters,
ders no bling-bling,
u do somthing greater ,
and somthing happening,

i want this
but u give me his,
should i keep his promise,
in my greediness,

im playing it well,
while knowing it fail,
walking down the trail,
without any scale,

keeping myself a note,
tellin myself im hooked,
nothing bother me a dot,
coz i believe that my life is overflowing dude~~

Sunday, March 8, 2009

deep silent hummin

i take your hand ,
lay it on me,
can u feel the beats,
can u feel the sounds,
it ur song in me,
what else can i do,
to tell u,

u know that its der,
but u passed it by,
is that fair?
to confused my long day,

when will u stop ?
when will u drop?
u can have the whole world,
u can have the whole herd,
but u will never have a single girl,
that care and love u a lot...